THE LITTLE MERMAID: Ebbs and Swells at the Rose Theater
Christine Swerczek - BWW Reviews
June 6, 2016

Joe Dignoti as King Triton is a golden voice garbed in silver. Ursula had it wrong. If she was after power, she should have stolen his voice, because power resides there more than in his triton.

'Mary Poppins' is a magical delight at the Rose

Bob Fischbach / Omaha World-Herald
June 6, 2015

And you won’t find better veteran actor-singers than Joseph Dignoti and Maggie Mitchell as Mr. and Mrs. Banks. A workaholic banker, Mr. Banks hasn’t a clue how to emotionally connect with his children or his wife. The couple turn “Being Mrs. Banks” and “Good for Nothing” into character-revealing moments that win audience empathy.

Mary Poppins: A popular show pops, sparkles and shines.
Gordon Spencer – The Reader
June 12, 2015

Plus Joseph Dignoti and Maggie Mitchell give Mr. and Mrs. Banks believable substance.

Young Frankenstein is a Fiendishly Funny Finale for Beck and Baer-Collins
Chris’s Corner
June 1, 2014

Joe Dignoti is a hoot in the dual role of Inspector Kemp/the Hermit. As Inspector Kemp, Dignoti keeps the audience in stitches with his stiff right arm and left leg and a brilliantly over the top accent. He’s even funnier as the blind hermit who pleads with God to “Please Send Me Someone” with a facile bass. Dignoti’s accidental torturing of the Monster as the Hermit is one of the funniest scenes in the play.

First-rate ‘Les Mis’ will knock socks off
Bob Fischbach / Omaha World-Herald
September 21, 2013

"Joseph Dignoti nails 'Stars,' the character-defining song of Inspector Javert. Dignoti’s booming baritone and fierce stage presence bring Valjean’s nemesis fully to life."

LES MISERABLES Storms the Barricades at the Omaha Community Playhouse
Analisa Swerczek - BWW Reviews
September 30, 2013

His rich baritone fills the auditorium and leaves the audience breathless on his best numbers, "Stars" and "Javert's Suicide." Even though many consider Javert to be the antagonist of sorts in this story, Dignoti's approach to the role makes the audience feel for this man, and sad to see his end.

'Blonde' is pure, pink-tinged fun
Bob Fischbach / Omaha World-Herald
September 15, 2012

Joe Dignoti got a huge round of applause as the glowering Professor Callahan whose credo for a good lawyer is developing a taste for “Blood in the Water.” Dignoti is a powerhouse baritone.

“Tenor” is funniest Playhouse show in years
Bob Fischbach / Omaha World-Herald
April 14, 2012

But nobody beats Clark-Kaczmarek, a wonder at physical comedy, and Dignoti who can say more with his big, round eyes than many actors can say with a monologue. Watching them work together is just plain fun.

I don’t remember the last time I saw a wordless sight gag so well set up and executed, it triggered a huge laugh and then an extended round of applause. It nearly stopped the show.